Bringing Solutions,

Not Promises.

As a family owned business. We pride our selves on helping others in a Win-Win way. With honest, dependable, care in all services we provide.


We buy, sell, and invest in property nation wide.

We buy homes that need of some TLC, that most real estate company’s can not list until the TLC has been done. We understand that not everyone can, or wants to do the work needed to be able to sell their property threw a real estate agent. We have a large list of cash buyer across the country that want to buy your property as is. They have the time, money and the passion to do the needed TLC. While putting cash in your pocket.

House Hunting.

When you are looking for the perfect place to call your new home. We gather information from you, on what your dream home is. And we go and find it for you. When dealing with a realtor. They show you homes that you have found on your own that you want to look at. And don’t spend much time really looking for you. We feel that helping you find your dream home takes a lot of the work out of your hands. Making it easier for you to enjoy the home buying process.

Handyman Referrals

Sometimes it is hard to find a dependable honest, caring person willing to do small jobs that came up. We can help find the perfect person for the job. That wont brake the bank.

Living Space Consultant.

Are you getting the most out of the square footage in your home, and land?

Our consultant has a specials talent for finding ways to use your square footage to it’s fullest potential. Weather you need more storage space, or a bigger entertainment area. Have you every wondered how to use your outside square footage in a more enjoyable way? Our consultant will show you how, while preserving the beauty of your land. Call today to schedule an appointment.


This service is also offered online threw phone, email, and text. For anyone that chooses to follow social distancing guidelines.

Ward’s Real Estate Investments.