Abandon Property Mission.

Abandoned Property’s.

Abandoned property’s is not only a sad sight to see.  It is also a huge waist of valuable resources and money.  Every since I was a small child.  Empty, abandoned home made me sad and angry.  Why would anyone work so hard to get a nice place to live in, only to let it rot.  I always wished there was some way to bring new life to them.  So more people could enjoy the  place.  And use the resources it has to offer.  This became an even bigger issue when my Dad pasted away.  And we were told there was a huge unpaid loan on the property and it would be returned to the bank for them to sell to get their money owned on the loan.  Of course we all understand, and knew none of the family would have the money to pay it.  Or even take over the payments.  We were left with no chooses.  Of course, I was okay with the bank reselling it to recover their money.  I knew it would be used, and not just sit to rot.  Boy, was I wrong.  The place has been empty for 10 years now.  So I’m sure everyone knows an empty house rots faster then a lived in home.  Buy the time the family realized it was still empty.  It was to late.  We live out of state, and had no reason to return.  We thought the bank had done their part.  Long story short.  Our family home had been left to rot.  Even though we did not have the money to get it ourselves.  We wanted someone to get the land and enjoy it like we did growing up.  No matter what happened that it didn’t get done.  It is still very sad, and hurtful to see the property in such bad shape.  Our parents put alot of money, time, and love into that place.  And seeing it in such bad shape.  Hurts all over again. 


How can we change the out come?

Abandoned property’s are everywhere.  They are ugly to see.  They are haven for criminals to hide. Along with snack dens.  They are not safe places to have in our community.   

My mission is to bring new life to these property’s.     Why?

  • So the family’s that use to live on the property will know it is being put to good use.  Even though they were not able to keep the property.  So when they see the place the next time.  They can hold on to the good memory’s. And not be sad because of the shape of the property.
  • The safety of your neighborhood.
  • The beauty of your community. 
  • Use the resources that have already been used.  Instead of wasting new ones.  This helps protect our mother Earth.

How can you help?

You might be wondering how you can help me with my mission?  It is not as hard as you might be thinking.  You see abandoned property’s on your way to work, or to the store.  Instead of just driving by trying to ignore the unpleasant site.  Take a moment to write down the address.  And email it to me.  I will do the research to find out who owns it.  And work with them to find someone who will use the resources it has to offer.  This in turn will be helping the land owner.  It will provide them with cash they might be needing.  While finding someone that will love the property, and make it beautiful again.
Simple steps that will help a lot of people.

  • Write down the address of the abandoned property.
  • E-mail that address to Timeless Home Solutions.    Thsin2022@gmail.com
  • When possible. Include as much information as you can about the property.   About how long has it been empty?  Do you know the name of the last person to live there?

All the information you can give.  Will help us find the owners.  In most cases all we need is the full mailing address.    

Timeless Home Solutions.