Can one tool increase your blog profits?

Bloggers are always looking for way to increase their profits with their blog.  That is the reason most people start a blog anyway. 

One thing I have learned through my time blogging.  There are a lot of moving parts.  It is easy to forget one little thing.  That could make or break your success on each blog post. But how can you remember everything.  When life is banging at your door while you are preparing you blog post?

With my crazy life.  I never get through a whole post without being distracted in some way.  


The Blog Checklist and Tracker was born.  Out of my need to be able to complete a blog post that has everything it needs.  With all the distractions of my life.  I’m pretty sure others have the same issue.  Of course, I hope to make a little money with digital products.  But for everyone that reads this post.  You will be able to print it out for FREE.  I will explain how you can get your totaly free, no email required print file.

What you will find in the Bolg Tracker.

1. Checklist of everything needed in a blog post. 

2.  Keyword for your topic.

3.  Affiliates links that match your topic.

4.  Tracker sheets.  To keep track of how each post did. 

This tracker will be useful for new bloggers and experienced ones.  Plus, bloggers that are looking to level up their blog content.

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Use promo code 


  at checkout to receive your totally free, no e-mail required Blog Tracker.

Please contact me if you have any issues using the code or printing the file.  This is my first time using a promo code.  Your feedback would be great. If you find the blog tracker useful.  Please leave a review on my Etsy Shop.  Thank you in advance.

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