Womens Encouraging Women.

Got Your Gal-Pal Cards

Introducing Gal-Pal Cards.

Gal-Pal Women encouraging women.  Printable, encouraging cards that can be given to other women that might need a few words of encouragement to get them through the day.

You will find many different types of Gal-Pal cards from Miss Print’s.  You are sure to find the set that matches your energy. 

Print out a pack that fits your energy.  And keep them on you.  When you see a woman that seems to be having a bad day.  Offer her one of the cards.  As a silent support.  Even though you do not know what she is going through.  The impact you will have on their day will not be able to be measured.

Blank Foldable Cards Avaiable.

They are perfect to give to work friends, add one to your tip for your waitress, teachers that need a little encouragement.  Any woman that you met through the day would love to receive one.

Never underestimate the power you have to improve another woman’s day. 

Gal-Pal Postcards.

Check back often to catch the latest cards.  Or subscribe to receive e-mail alerts when new ones are uploaded.  Plus, there will be one free pack per month for the ones who subscribe.  Don’t want to subscribe.  That is ok.  The Gal-Pal cards pack will only be $1.00 per pack.  To make it as easy as possible to spread encouragement to other women.

Give some Encouragement today.

Miss Print’s Rocking50 Empowerment.

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