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One of the hardest things that comes up in life is taking care of aging parents.  It is hard physically, emotionally and sometime financially.    Of course, we want to keep them with us as long as possible.  And for most a nursing home is the last option. 

My Mother-in-law has lived with us on and off our hole marriage.  It has been a blessing to have her here with us through the years.  She has always taken care of herself.  Handled her own medicines and medical stuff.    In 2022, things got a little harder for her to handle on her own.  I was happy to help.  But I was clueless as to what she really needed.  “She had alway taken care of it herself.” 

In the beginning it was a mess.  Even though mentally she was doing fine.  She was very

reluctant to tell me about her medicines. And what was hurting.  I understood because she had alway done it herself.  It was very stressful for us both. 

So, I decided we needed a routine.  And we worked on that together.   Yes, it took a little time to get it just right for her.  It would have been so much easier if we had the Caregiver Tracker when we started.  It would have made things a lot smoother. 

During this time of finding a good routine for her.  We found out that she wasn’t doing as good as we thought with her handling things herself.  There was medications she thought she didn’t need to take.  And her eating was terrible. 

Another issue we had was she would not tell the doctor what was going on.  So, when I talked with the doctors I couldn’t really fill them in.  And they always wanted to know all her medications.  I can barely keep up with my own.  So, how was I going to be able to keep up with her’s? 

The caregiver’s tracker, or log was born.  Out of my need to keep things organized for her.  After talking with friends that were going through the same issues.  I decided to share the system I came up with.  I want to help other gen-x’s going through the same thing.  In hopes of making thing easier for others.

Caregiver Tracker

Caregiver tracker

I designed several kinds of trackers to make sure everything was covered.  The easiest is the caregiver tracker.  Witch covers daily eating, activity, when medications are taken, and symptom tracker.  Plus a weekly planner. To plan more activity in her days.  Before she had a doctor’s appointment I would read over the weeks and write down anything that needed to be talked with her doctor.  This tracker has paid off big time.  She is eating more regular, her medicines are being taking like needed.  And I can show the doctors what is going on with her.  Without embarrassing her. 

Medical Journal
Meical Journal Pink

Medical journal

Has made it much easier to keep track of everything.  It includes:

Doctor list:  With their name, address, phone numbers of every doctor she has.  Making it much faster to get ahold of the right doctor when needed.  Plus keeping up with where each doctor is located.

Medicine list:  An easy way to keep up with all her medications.  Especially when going to the doctor.  I keep all the trackers in a folder that I take with us to the doctor.  So, I have everything in one place.  When the doctor changes her medications.  I can make note of it right there.  So, there is no confusion about her medications.  It also includes an instruction page.  Where I can write down exactly what the doctor wants her to do next.  So, I don’t have to try and remember what he wanted later.  With this pack it is also very easy to keep family members updated on what is going on with her.

All medical designs come in pink or blue.  To help make them personal for each person. If you would like a different color or style.  Please let me know.  Plus, if there is something unique to you that you need added to one of these trackers.  Please reach out and let me know.  You may not be the only one that needs more in their trackers.

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