2023 Best Life Challenge.

2023 Best Life Challenge.

About the challenge. 

This challenge was developed after an eye-opening event in my life.  I’m sure there are a few other people that can relate to my experience.  My goal in developing this challenge is to improve my life.  And the lives of others at the same time.  Big changes in our lives move more smoothly when you have people joining in the journey.

The last few years have been rough on everyone. We all need a way to climb out of the black hole we have gotten in.

While at a doctor’s appointment with my mother-in-law. I was forced to see the black hole I had fallen into.  For several months now I’ve been taking care of my mother-in-law that had fallen and broken her hip.  Since I was the one with the lowest paying job.  It made more since for me to be the one to stay home with her.  During this time, she has had a few more falls.  Not resulting in injury.  But it is still very unsettling.  And it shows the time has come that she always needs someone with her.  Plus, she has been diagnosed with cancer.  So, this phase of my life seems to be non-stop.  One trip to the doctors opened my eyes.  There was only one chair in the room.  So of course, I had her sit.  I stood beside her chair leaning on the wall.  Of course, there was a full-length mirror hanging on the door in front of me.  There was no way to avoid what stared back at me.  I didn’t recognize the person looking back at me.  Who was this very overweight, slopy, unkept person looking back at me?  It appeared to be a lazy, unkept person.  That was in serious need of a bath, a rake for their hair.  And an intervention with the clothing police.  This person looked sad, and homeless.  The image that stared back at me shocked me to the core.

I’ve got to do something and do it now.  Is this the same person my grandkids saw when they looked at me?  And no wonder my hubby has lost interest in me. God, lord. I would have too.

As we left the doctor’s office, I saw a few others that matched the homeless look I was sporting.  And I realized I’m not the only one that has fallen into a black hole. The 2023 Best life challenge was born.  If I could help others out of their black hole while I crawled out of mine.  Would be a very positive change for everyone involved. 

This challenge is not a gimmick. I will be taking the same jump into changing my life for the better. I will be taking the same steps as you will be. I will be sharing my journey with everyone that joins the challenge. I see this as holding myself accountable for my actions.

I look forward to you joining me on my journey as you improve your life as well.  My plan is to be an open book about my journey.  In hopes of helping others reach their best lives.  If you join and want to reach out to me directly.  Please do.  I will help as much as possible on your personal journey.

This challenge is about changing our lives for the better.  That can not be done overnight.  This will broken down into phases, that will be worked on over a year’s time.  To allow for any work to be done the right way.  And not feel overwhelming. 

Their will 7 spots open to join totally free.  I’m pretty sure these spots will fill up fast.  So, I want to join m, contact me ASAP.  I know I need a group to help keep me accountable for this challenge.  Woman need support threw the hard things in life.

Included in this challenge:

Building a better life for ourselves.  Mind, Body, and Spirit.

With a guidebook to help us get there together Supporting each other through the hard parts.  And celebrating when someone hits a milestone. 

Are you ready?  To finally feel good about yourself? To finally feel that you matter?  To improve your health so you can enjoy life? To find your inter power, and how to show it, and how to hang onto it?  Are you ready to feel like the Goddess you are? 

Then join me in this challenge today. Let’s walk this powerful journey together. 

Pick how you want to contact me.





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