Abandon Property Mission.

Why should you care about Abandon Houses?

Why should you care about abandon homes?

  1. Abandon homes bring down the value of the neighborhood. Witch means if you try to sell your home, and there is an abandon home close by. Your house will appraise for much less. Making it very hard to get a fair market price.
  2. Abandon homes attracts criminal active, and wild animals. Criminals looking for a place to hide from the law. Will look for abandon places. Because they think no one will be looking in those places. Most criminals will rob from the places around them to support themselves. Witch puts your hard earned assets in jeopardy. Not mention if they need to have a fire for cooking, or making drugs. The home could burn, and put the neighborhood at risk of the fire spreading to other homes. Wild Animals. Abandon places are perfect for wild animals to hide. They find shelter in an undeserved place. But this also puts them to close to people. Raccoons, snakes, rats, and skunks love abandon homes.
  3. Abandon homes are normally in disrepair, with overgrown yards. They are not pretty to look at. And they are dangerous for kids in the neighborhood. They don’t understand the dangers that hide there. They just see a neat place to explore. Some of them could fall in at anytime. Plus hiding snakes ready to bite who ever enters.

For information about our abandon property mission. Click below.

What can you do about the abandon homes around you?

  1. Ignore it, and hope no criminals are wild animals find it. And that the local kids stay away from it.
  2. Call the county and complain about it. For them to do something about it after it falls down and hurts someone.
  3. Or, take down the address, email it to us. wardsrealestatepropertie@gmail.com. We will do the research to find out who owns it. We will offer them money, that might help them out. Fix the home up for someone who will love it. Solving a lot of problems. And keeping everyone safe.

Help us in our mission to restore abandoned property’s back to there glory.

Timeless Home Solutions. 423-415-6538. 865-292-5754. Both numbers are text friendly.

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