Invest With Us.

When you are ready to invest in real estate. Keep us in mind. We are loyal, honest family owned company. We will work hard so your investments will grow as we grow. Currently we have 2 different projects we are handling. Both are large on going projects.

  1. Affordable rental property’s. Since the fire in 2016. Sevierville , TN. has had a large need for affordable rental property’s. This is sure to be a multi million project . Investing early in this project is sure to be a great investment.

2. Abandon Property’s. Restoring abandon property’s is a personal mission of mine. It is heart breaking to see abandon homes. Not mention how dangerous, they can be for the local community’s. There are abandon property’s all over America. A personal goal of mine is to buy, restore, and resell 5 property’s by the end of 2020. Investing in the abandon property project will bring rewards of increased investments money. Plus being able to help make our areas beautiful, and safer. That is a Win-Win. Your bank account wins, and you feel good about doing something to improve our community’s .

Would you like more information about our investment projects? Fill out the form and we will get in touch with you soon.

Ward’s Real Estate Investments.


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